Tuscany, Italy’s most popular region, is famous for its rolling hills and picturesque medieval villages filled with renaissance art. Discover the highlights & hidden gems of the area, the character of it’s fierce inhabitants and the turbulent events that made this region one of the most alluring, and also one of the most fascinating in the world.



Did you know...

…that the mysterious Etruscan civilisation thrived in Tuscany from the 8th till the 3rd Century BC, especially around Volterra? The Romans named these people Tusci; hence the name Tuscany.

…that winter time is a great time to discover the darker, enigmatic side of medieval Tuscans towns?

…that about one third of Tuscany’s inhabitants was whiped out during the Black Plague epidemic of 1348? Because of densely populated villages, a lot of commercial activity and many travelling pilgrims, the disease was easily spread.

…that strong rivalry between Tuscan cities did not only mount to numerous battles, but also caused fierce competition in the field of arts and architecture?

…that Tuscan villages are very well preserved due to strict regulations regarding modern architecture, and commercial advertising?

…that almost every village still celebrates medieval festivals each summer?

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